The Higher Learning Commission's online Assurance System is available to member institutions in the Open Pathway and the Standard Pathway. Within the Assurance System, designated individuals from each institution have access to their institution's Evidence File and Assurance Argument areas.

The Evidence File is where each institution uploads evidence that documents how it meets the Criteria for Accreditation and other Commission expectations such as Federal Compliance requirements. Although the Evidence File primarily holds materials uploaded from the institution itself, the Commission also contributes pertinent materials from its records.

The Assurance Argument is where the institution provides narrative that makes the case that the institution meets the Criteria for Accreditation. In this narrative, the institution links its narrative directly to supporting documents in the Evidence File. When applicable, the Commission activates additional places in the Assurance System where the institution provides narrative and links to evidence demonstrating that it meets other Commission expectations such as Eligibility Requirements, Assumed Practices, and Federal Compliance requirements.