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The Higher Learning Commission's Assurance System is available to member institutions in the Standard, AQIP and Open Pathways, as well as institutions in candidacy and those on sanction. Within the Assurance System, designated individuals from each institution have access to their institution's site, including the Evidence File and either the Assurance Argument (Standard and Open Pathways, candidacy and sanction) or the Systems Portfolio (AQIP Pathway).

For all institutions, the Evidence File is where the institution uploads evidence that documents how it meets the Criteria for Accreditation and the AQIP Pathway Categories, if applicable. Although the Evidence File primarily holds materials uploaded from the institution itself, HLC also contributes pertinent materials from its records.

The Assurance Argument is where institutions on the Standard and Open Pathways, in candidacy or on sanction provide narrative that makes the case that they meet the Criteria for Accreditation. The Systems Portfolio is where institutions on the AQIP Pathway provide narrative that demonstrates their efforts related to the AQIP Categories and the Criteria for Accreditation. All institutions link their narratives to supporting documents in the Evidence File. When applicable, HLC activates an additional Forms section in the Assurance System where the institution provides evidence demonstrating that it meets other HLC expectations, such as Eligibility Requirements, Assumed Practices and Federal Compliance requirements, as applicable.  

For assistance, visit HLC's website.